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About Us

Based in Austin Texas, Focus Strategies has earned a solid reputation as a premier middle-market investment bank focused on serving the unique needs of privately held businesses seeking capital or ownership transition. Built on an impeccable reputation for high integrity, we help companies and their owners flourish by applying broad experience and industry expertise coupled with hands-on guidance and local knowledge to maximize shareholder value.

We offer essential sell-side and buy-side investment banking services including raising capital, merger and acquisitions, sales, and recapitalization. Often competing with much larger banks, we’re selective about the engagements we undertake and have an excellent track record of getting the highest value for our clients across each of the industry verticals we serve.

Experience beyond banking

Focus Strategies offers perspective and insight that can only be gained through real experience. Our team has hands-on experience in multiple industries. Our team has closed over $7 billion in transactions, but our experience goes beyond the numbers. We have been in your shoes. As owners and senior management, our bankers have used many of the same services that your company may be considering, consequently we are better positioned to fully understand your goals and anticipate your needs.

Integrity from day one

Founded by Gary Valdez in 1999, Focus Strategies was built on the principle that how we conduct business is as important as advising and advocating for our clients’ best interests. From that foundation, Gary assembled a team driven to build long-term relationships based on a highly personalized approach to investment banking with integrity and trust at the heart of the process.

A team, not a banker

Unlike typical investment banks that may assign you a banker with an assistant, Focus Strategies applies a team approach to every client and transaction. Our team is anchored by senior-level professionals from multiple disciplines and industries with over 100 collective years of deal negotiation and closing experience. This combination of experience and expertise puts you in the best position to achieve your goals.