Focus Strategies Investment Partners




“We were impressed with Focus Strategies’ ability to understand our business, provide thorough and accurate counsel in the options and opportunity to complete a transaction and their dedication to navigating the process. We look forward to the expertise that Platform [Partners] and its relationships will bring and hold confidence in the future of Beneplace.”

– George Parsons, Beneplace founder


“Focus Strategies was committed to understanding our business and providing sound, thoughtful advice throughout the process. Their professionalism, integrity and expertise proved to be instrumental in getting the transaction negotiated and closed. It was critical for us to find a buyer that was an expert in our field and, more importantly, was a good fit for Berry Aviation.”

– Sonny Berry, Chairman and CEO of Berry Aviation

“Focus Strategies’ assistance with the sales process was invaluable – they went above and beyond to make the transaction as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. I think Sonny Berry and his management team were lucky to have Focus Strategies on their side.”

– Sandra Griffin, Partner at Griffin | Frey PLLC


“We are very pleased with the transaction guided by the Focus team. They provided valuable advice throughout the process and thanks to their expertise; Berry Aviation is able to realize its next phase of growth.”


“Focus Strategies demonstrated great flexibility in working with Hill Country as the owners’ objectives were modified during the course of the financing process.”

– Gary Seals, CEO of Hill Country Holdings


“I feel very fortunate to have completed this deal considering the oilfield recession. Focus Strategies was a trusted advisor and resource throughout the process.”

– Kevin Gendron, Co-Founder of OPT


“Focus Strategies worked hard for us in finding a buyer that understood our value and could get the transaction done in a way that met our objectives.”

– Hans Jorgensen, President of Pat Tank

PetroChem Wire, LLC

“The team at Focus Strategies has been a pleasure to work with and has shown great skill and finesse during the transaction process. Their guidance and flexibility were critical to getting this complex acquisition completed.”

– Management team for PetroChem Wire, LLC


“We are excited about our new partnership with Tejas Investments. With this investment we will be able to continue to provide excellent customer service throughout the state of Texas.”

–  Mike Riley, COO of Phoenix Electric


“The advice and direction that Focus Strategies provided was outstanding. This transaction had quite a few barriers that would have been extremely difficult to navigate without their expertise.”

– Rob Adams, Interim CEO of ScanData

“Focus Strategies worked hard in finding the right buyer that understood our unique situation. They worked with us throughout the entire process to ensure a successful closing.”

– Craig Hopper, Administrator of the estate of ScanData’s founder


“Focus Strategies worked hard to find the right buyer for our company. One that understood our culture, values and the integrity of our work.”

– Tony Bagliore, Owner of Tony Bagliore Concrete