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    Case Study

Case Study: RBank


Based in Round Rock, Texas, the bank wanted to grow in locations, ideally by acquisition. Ownership wanted to expand geographically within Central Texas but did not have the internal bandwidth to pursue a buy-side transaction. Based on the recommendation of others, the bank turned to Focus Strategies to execute their buy-side strategy.

Focus Strategies Service:

Focus Strategies was engaged by the bank to attempt a buy-side strategy. The characteristics of the buy-side targets were narrowly defined. Facing the challenge at hand, Focus Strategies considered more than three possible alternatives and honed in on a single recommendation. This recommendation happened to be a long standing relationship within Focus Strategies’ vast network. Following their recommendation, Focus Strategies met with a healthy community bank that had served its immediate market for more than 100 years. Over time, continued conversations between Focus Strategies and the community bank revealed common goals and alignment between the organizations. Focus Strategies negotiated with the community bank and successfully tendered an Indication of Interest (IOI). Thereafter, Focus Strategies led the buy side due diligence process. Because the community bank was an FDIC insured institution, Focus Strategies also led a parallel regulatory process as a requirement of closing.


Both parties were pleased with the results of the process. The organizations merged smoothly together and the community bank locations continue to proudly serve their market with enhanced offerings.

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