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  • Our Process

    Our Process

Let’s talk. That is the first step. You may be unsure. You might not think you are ready. Or perhaps you know you are ready to take the next step. It all starts with a conversation. We will get to know you a bit and begin to help you clarify your situation. And, importantly, you will begin to get to know us and learn how we might address your specific needs. No strings. No commitment. Just a friendly conversation, plain and simple.

Our team at Focus Strategies Investment Banking has navigated hundreds of transactions.

While all transactions have very similar milestones, each situation is unique and requires a process that is adaptable. Over time we have honed our approach and process to mitigate the risk of controllable unknowns. We believe this ultimately decreases the transaction timeline and as well as the overall risk while maximizing outcomes.

Our client engagement process has four essential stages.


We stress test your business and get you ready to go to market. In this phase we get all the surprises out of the way to ensure a smooth process going forward.
  • Conduct due diligence and assimilate relevant information
  • Prepare a confidential sale memorandum
  • Assist management in the preparation of a five-year projection model
  • Identify and finalize potential investor list


After both the client and the Focus Strategies team is confident all pre-market process objectives have been thoroughly addressed, we take the opportunity to market.
  • Contact investors from approved list
  • Market the opportunity to the identified set of buyers, after they sign the appropriate confidentiality agreement
  • Solicit preliminary Indications of Interest from prospective investors
  • Negotiate key terms and orchestrate management visits
  • Receive multiple Letters of Intent
  • Review offers with client and plan out the final negotiations


This step in the process is intensely concentrated with the final set of prospective buyers.
  • Evaluate and negotiate offers
  • Conduct final round of management meetings
  • Advise company on advantages and disadvantages of potential buyers
  • Solicit final offers and terms from multiple buyers
  • Manage the process of financial, legal and other due diligence


We are with you all the way through closing and funds transfer. We are not satisfied until the deal is complete.
  • Work closely with all parties to manage the deal through closing
  • Proactively identify any potential issues and find a way to manage through them
  • Push all parties to get to closing as quickly as possible


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