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Webinar 1 – Emerging Role of Family Offices in M&A


January 24, 2024

11:00am CST



Our first webinar of 2024, we discussed how family offices are becoming an important part of the investment community and are assuming a greater role in M&A. We visited with special guests Neal Leonard, Chief Executive Officer of Leonard Holding Company, and Kevin Wong, Chief Investment Officer of Lang Partners, about various topics, including:

  • The different characteristics of a family office vs. private equity. 
  • Why family offices are becoming more of a factor in middle market M&A.
  • How do family offices make investment decisions?
  • What are typical business and financial strategies of family offices?
  • Are there specific industries that are typically more attractive to family offices?

Lauren Greenwood


Lauren Greenwood

Vice President at
Focus Strategies

Neal Leonard


Neal Leonard

Chief Executive Officer of Leonard Holding Company

Kevin Wong


Kevin Wong

Chief Investment Officer of Lang Partners

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